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PhapluKathmanduGoma AirGMA41613:00:0013:30:00
KathmanduKhanedadaGoma AirGAM11514:00:0014:30:00
KathmanduTaplejungGoma AirGMA11810:30:0011:20:00
TaplejungKathmanduGoma Air11911:35:0012:20:00
KathmanduTumlingtarGoma AirGMA10113:00:0013:40:00
TumlingtarKahmanduGoma AirGma10213:54:0014:35:00
NepalgunjTalchaGoma AirGMA15108:30:0009:39:00
HumlaNepalgunjGoma AirGMA14207:30:0008:15:00
NepalgunjHumlaGoma AirGMA14106:30:0007:15:00
KathmanduLuklaGoma AirGMA40207:10:0007:40:00
LuklaKathmanduGoma AirGMA40106:30:0007:00:00
KathmanduLuklaGoma AirGAM40307:55:0008:24:00
LuklaKathmanduGoma AirGAM40408:35:0009:05:00
KathmanduLuklaGoma AirGMA40509:20:0009:50:00
LuklaKathmanduGoma AirGMA40610:00:0010:30:00
KathmanduLuklaGoma AirGMA40710:40:0011:09:00
LuklaKathmanduGoma AirGMA40811:20:0011:50:00
PhapluKathmanduGoma AirGMA41512:30:0013:00:00
KhidandaKathmanduGoma AirGMA11613:00:0013:30:00
TalchaNepalgunjGoma AirGMA15209:50:0010:30:00
NepalgujJumlaGoma AirGMA16114:00:0014:35:00
JumlaNepalgunjGoma AirGMA16214:45:0015:20:00
NepalgunjBajuraGoma AirGMA17111:45:0012:20:00
BajuraNepalgunjGoma AirGMA17212:30:0013:05:00
PokharaJomsomGoma AirGA 60200:06:3000:06:45
PokharaJomsomGoma AirGA 60400:06:5000:07:05
PokharaJomsomGoma AirGA 60600:08:0500:08:20
JomsomPokharaGoma AirGA 60200:06:4500:07:00
JomsomPokharaGoma AirGA 60300:06:5000:07:05
JomsomPokharaGoma AirGA 60500:08:3000:08:45

Nepal Flight Ticket Booking is an authorized Flight ticket booking agent for Goma Air.Goma Air takes pride in its fleet of two Brand New L410 turbo prop aircraft (Date of Manufacture 2014 and 2015) competent Flight Crew and qualified Aircraft Maintenance Engineers.

When it comes to flying to STOL airfields of Nepal, Goma Air should be the obvious number one choice, as the airfare being charged is same by all the other operators so why settle for less when you get to fly with the safest airlines with the state of art aircraft, better trained manpower ensuring a safe and comfortable flight to the destination of your dreams. L410 aircrafts due to its superior design engine performance can carry 18 passengers to and out of LUKLA whereas the other aircrafts operating in the same sectors cannot carry more than 14 passengers.