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Simrik Airlines

simrik airlines Flight Schedule

KathmanduLuklaSimrik AirlinesRMK-10207:15:0007:45:00
KathmanduLuklaSimrik AirlinesRMK-10308:00:0008:30:00
LuklaKathmanduSimrik AirlinesRMK-10408:45:0009:15:00
KathmanduLuklaSimrik AirlinesRMK-10509:30:0010:00:00
LuklaKathmanduSimrik AirlinesRMK-10610:15:0010:45:00
KathmanduLuklaSimrik AirlinesRMK-10711:00:0011:30:00
LuklaKathmanduSimrik AirlinesRMK-10811:45:0012:15:00
KathmanduLuklaSimrik AirlinesRMK-10914:00:0014:30:00
LuklaKathmanduSimrik AirlinesRMK-11014:45:0015:15:00
KathmanduLuklaSimrik AirlinesRMK-30106:30:0007:00:00
LuklaKathmanduSimrik AirlinesRMK-30207:15:0007:45:00
KathmanduLuklaSimrik AirlinesRMK-30308:00:0008:30:00
LuklaKathmanduSimrik AirlinesRMK-30408:45:0009:15:00
KathmanduLuklaSimrik AirlinesRMK-30509:30:0010:00:00
LuklaKathmanduSimrik AirlinesRMK-30610:15:0010:45:00
KathmanduLuklaSimrik AirlinesRMK-30711:00:0011:30:00
LuklaKathmanduSimrik AirlinesRMK-30811:45:0012:15:00
KathmanduMountain FlightSimrik AirlinesSMA -10006:30:0007:30:00
KathmanduMountain FlightSimrik AirlinesSMA-10206:30:0007:30:00
KathmanduMountain FlightSimrik AirlinesSMA-20007:45:0008:45:00
KathmanduMountain FlightSimrik AirlinesSMA-20107:45:0008:45:00
KathmanduPokharaSimrik AirlinesSMA-15110:00:0010:25:00
KathmanduPokharaSimrik AirlinesSMA-15312:00:0012:25:00
KathmanduPokharaSimrik AirlinesSMA-15514:00:0014:25:00
PokharaKathmanduSimrik AirlinesSMA-15210:45:0011:10:00
pokharaKathmanduSimrik AirlinesSMA-15412:45:0013:10:00
PokharaKathmadnuSimrik AirlinesSMA-15614:45:0015:10:00
KathmanduBhairahwaSimrik AirlinesSMA-17112:15:0013:55:00
BhairahwaKathmanduSimrik AirlinesSMA-17213:05:0012:35:00
KathmaduSimaraSimrik AirlinesSMA-11315:15:0015:30:00
SimaraKathmanduSimrik AirlinesSMA-11415:45:0016:00:00
PokharaJomsomSimrik AirlinesRMK 106:30:0006:45:00
PokharaJomsomSimrik AirlinesRMK 300:07:0500:07:20
JomsomPokharaSimrik AirlinesRMK 206:50:0006:55:00
JomsomPokharaSimrik AirlinesRMK 407:20:0007:35:00

Established in 2001, Simrik Airlines is the best and safest domestic airlines of Nepal. Simrik Airlines is a registered company often called as most prominent rotor wing Airline in Nepal. Simrik Airlines has 3 choppers - B3 Ecureuil and 2 Japan Made BK-117 B2 which covers entire geography of this mountainous area to the land of Terai and are often used for rescues and can land in small area. It operates Beechcraft 1900 aircraft (19 passenger, pressurized and twin engine turboprop airplane) which is designed in such a way that it can be regulated in every weather conditions. It is also renowned as the most popular 19 passenger airliners in history.

Simrik’s 12 years of journey and dedication really shows off with its service. They have friendly staff and team of professionals. Airlines do not compromise with safety and quality, thus Maintenance, replacements, equipments are checked on regular basis and before and after the flight and there is good provision of insurance programs to passenger’s liabilities. Simrik is operating its scheduled flights in several sectors like Pokhara, Simara, Bhairahwa, Simara, Lukla, Janakpur, Biratnagar and mountain flight from Tribhuvan International Airport of Kathmandu. It is very popular for Mountain Flight which gives you a mesmerizing sight of pristine mountain peaks at-close including World’s tallest mountain Mt Everest (8848 M)