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Tara Air

Tara Air

tara airlines Flight Schedule

KathmanduLuklaTara AirlinesTA 10306:35:0007:10:00
KathmanduLuklaTara AirlinesTA CHT06:40:0007:15:00
KathmanduLuklaTara AirlinesTA CHT08:10:0008:45:00
KathmanduLuklaTara AirlinesTA CHT08:15:0008:50:00
KathmanduLuklaTara AirlinesTA CHT08:20:0008:55:00
KathmanduLuklaTara AirlinesTA CHT09:50:0010:25:00
KathmanduLuklaTara AirlinesTA CHT11:30:0012:05:00
KathmanduLuklaTara AirlinesTA CHT11:35:0012:10:00
KathmanduLuklaTara AirlinesTA CHT11:40:0012:15:00
KathmanduLuklaTara AirlinesTA CHT13:20:0013:55:00
KathmanduPhapluTara AirlinesTA 181 (1,5)09:55:0010:30:00
KathmanduLamidandaTara AirlinesTA 191 (3,7)10:00:0010:35:00
KathmanduRamechhapTara AirlinesTA 431 (5)13:05:0013:30:00
LuklaKathmanduTara AirlinesTA CHT07:25:0008:00:00
LuklaKathmanduTara AirlinesTA CHT07:30:0008:05:00
LuklaKathmanduTara AirlinesTA CHT09:00:0009:35:00
LuklaKathmanduTara AirlinesTA CHT09:05:0009:40:00
LuklaKathmanduTara AirlinesTA CHT09:10:0009:45:00
LuklaKathmanduTara AirlinesTA CHT10:40:0011:15:00
LuklaKathmanduTara AirlinesTA CHT12:20:0012:55:00
LuklaKathmanduTara AirlinesTA CHT12:25:0013:00:00
LuklaKathmanduTara AirlinesTA CHT12:30:0013:05:00
LuklaKathmanduTara AirlinesTA CHT14:10:0014:45:00
PhapluKathmanduTara AirlinesTA 182 (1,5)10:45:0011:20:00
LamidandaKathmanduTara AirlinesTA 192 (3,7)10:50:0011:25:00
RamechhapKathmanduTara AirlinesTA 432 (5)15:10:0015:35:00
NepalgunjDolpoTara AirlinesTA 717 (1)06:30:0007:15:00
NepalgunjRaraTara AirlinesTA 715 (5)06:30:0007:20:00
NepalgunjSimikotTara AirlinesTA 711 (4)06:30:0007:30:00
NepalgunjJumlaTara AirlinesTA 713 (6)06:30:0007:15:00
NepalgunjBajuraTara AirlinesTA 722 (3)06:30:0007:05:00
DolpoNepalgunjTara AirlinesTA 718 (1)07:30:0008:15:00
RaraNepalgunjTara AirlinesTA 716 (5)07:35:0008:25:00
SimikotNepalgunjTara AirlinesTA 712 (4)07:45:0008:45:00
JumlaNepalgunjTara AirlinesTA 714 (6)07:30:0008:15:00
BajuraNepalgunjTara AirlinesTA 722 (3)07:20:0007:55:00
SurkhetSimikotTara AirlinesTA 719 (7)06:30:0007:15:00
SurkhetDolpoTara AirlinesTA 709 (2)06:30:0007:10:00
SurkhetJumlaTara AirlinesTA 723 (2)08:20:0008:45:00
SimikotSurkhetTara AirlinesTA 720 (7)07:30:0008:15:00
DolpoSurkhetTara AirlinesTA 710 (2)07:25:0008:05:00
JumlaSurkhetTara AirlinesTA 724 (3)09:00:0009:25:00
KathmanduPokharaTara AirlinesTA 22715:30:0016:00:00
KathmanduLuklaTara AirlinesTA 09506:30:0007:00:00
KathmanduLuklaTara AirlinesTA 09708:00:0008:30:00
KathmanduLuklaTara AirlinesTA 09909:30:0010:00:00
LuklaKathmanduTara AirlinesTA 09607:15:0007:45:00
LuklaKathmanduTara AirlinesTA 09808:45:0009:15:00
LuklaKathmanduTara AirlinesTA 10010:15:0010:45:00
PokharaKathmanduTara AirlinesTA 22809:30:0010:00:00
PokharaJomsomTara AirlinesTA 19306:30:0006:50:00
JomsomPokharaTara AirlinesTA 19407:05:0007:25:00

Tara air is the newest air operator of Nepal which works as the subsidiary of Yeti Airlines. It was founded in October 2009 with a promotional aim of rural development via air transportation. Tara Air comprises a fleet of 6 STOL (Short Take Off and Landing) aircrafts which includes four Twin Otter (DHC 6/300) and two Dornier (DO 228) aircrafts with charter service too. It now also operates its new imported aircraft PC 6.

Tara Air has proved itself as revolutionary air service connecting Nepalese mountains and rural areas where no other means of transportation is reachable. It is the only an access into remote areas from Far East to far west of country. It has remarkably contributed a lot in development of rural areas and its people, country and Tourism sector of Nepal. Kathmandu to Lukla, Kathmandu to Jomsom, Pokhara to Jomsom, Kathmandu to Khanidanda, Kathmandu to Phaplu, Kathmandu to Bhojpur, Kathmandu to Taplejung, Nepalgunj to Simikot, Nepalgunj to Surkhet, Nepalgunj, Nepalgunj to Dolpa, Nepalgunj to Rara, Pokhara to Manang, Pokhara to Mustang and Many more are its frequently operated scheduled flights also It conducts charter flights.