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Kathmandu Biratnagar flight

kathmandu biratnagar Flight Schedule

KathmanduBiratnagarYeti Airlines78709:00:0009:40:00
KathmanduBiratnagarYeti Airlines79112:00:0012:40:00
KathmanduBiratnagarYeti Airlines79314:30:0015:10:00
KathmanduBiratnagarYeti Airlines79716:40:0017:20:00
KathmanduBiratnagarBuddha AirU4 70307:45:0008:25:00
KathmanduBiratnagarBuddha AirU4 70510:00:0010:40:00
KathmanduBiratnagarBuddha AirU4 70712:20:0013:00:00
KathmanduBiratnagarBuddha AirU4 70914:40:0015:20:00
KathmanduBiratnagarBuddha AirU4 71315:50:0016:30:00
KathmanduBiratnagarBuddha AirU4 71116:50:0017:30:00
KathmanduBiratnagarSaurya AirlinesS1-80109:00:0009:40:00
KathmanduBiratnagarSaurya AirlinesS1-80512:30:0013:10:00
KathmanduBiratnagarSaurya AirlinesS1-80716:30:0017:05:00

biratnagar kathmandu Flight Schedule

BiratnagarKathmanduYeti Airlines78810:00:0010:40:00
BiratnagarKathmanduYeti Airlines79213:00:0013:40:00
BiratnagarKathmanduYeti Airlines79415:30:0016:10:00
BiratnagarKathmanduYeti Airlines79817:40:0018:20:00
BiratnagarKathmanduBuddha AirU4 70408:50:0009:30:00
BiratnagarKathmanduBuddha AirU4 70611:05:0011:45:00
BiratnagarKathmanduBuddha AirU4 70813:25:0014:05:00
BiratnagarKathmanduBuddha AirU4 71015:45:0016:25:00
BiratnagarKathmanduBuddha AirU4 71416:50:0017:30:00
BiratnagarKathmanduBuddha AirU4 71217:55:0018:35:00
BiratnagarKathmanduSaurya AirlinesS1-80209:50:0010:30:00
BiratnagarKathmanduSaurya AirlinesS1-80613:20:0013:50:00
BiratnagarKathmanduSaurya AirlinesS1-80817:20:0018:55:00

Biratnagar is the second largest city of Nepal; which is also a big industrial area as well as regional hub of eastern Nepal. It lies very proximate to Indian border called Jogmani. Biratnagar is a vital area of Nepal which contributes lots of share in agricultural, industrial and commercial sector of nation and small traditional villages makes it perfect for tourism too.

Biratnagar is well connected with land routes from other major parts of the country but as the level of comforts and time saving Kathmandu Biratnagar Flights are very dominant. Kathmandu Biratanagar Flights takes only 40 Minutes to get from Kathmandu. So these Kathmandu Biratnagar Flights gives you easy gateway to several tourism sites like Baraha Cehttra, Biratnagar Haat Bazaar, Koshi Tappu Wildlife reserve and Illam to visit tea plantation area. Yeti Airlines and Buddha Air conducts daily more than 10 flights from Kathmandu to Biratnagar and return from morning 8.00 AM to 6.00 PM in the evening.