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Kathmandu Pokhara Flight

Pokhara Airport Buddha Air Plane

Kathmandu pokhara Flight Schedule

KathmanduPokharaYeti AirlinesYT 67108:00:0008:25:00
KathmanduPokharaYeti AirlinesYT 67308:05:0008:30:00
KathmanduPokharaBuddha AirU4 60508:30:0009:00:00
KathmanduPokharaYeti AirlinesYT 67509:10:0009:35:00
KathmanduPokharaBuddha AirU4 61110:10:0010:40:00
KathmanduPokharaYeti AirlinesYT 67710:50:0011:15:00
KathmanduPokharaBuddha AirU4 60712:10:0012:40:00
KathmanduPokharaYeti AirlinesYT 67912:30:0012:55:00
KathmanduPokharaBuddha AirU4 60914:20:0014:50:00
KathmanduPokharaYeti AirlinesYT 68314:50:0015:15:00
KathmanduPokharaYeti AirlinesYT 68515:40:0016:05:00
KathmanduPokharaYeti Airlines68114:10:0014:35:00
KathmanduPokharaYeti AirlinesU4 60107:40:0008:10:00
KathmanduPokharaBuddha AirU4 60308:30:0009:00:00
KathmanduPokharaBuddha AirU4 61715:20:0015:50:00
KathmanduPokharaTara AirlinesTA 22715:30:0016:00:00
KathmanduPokharaSimrik AirlinesSMA-15110:00:0010:25:00
KathmanduPokharaSimrik AirlinesSMA-15312:00:0012:25:00
KathmanduPokharaSimrik AirlinesSMA-15514:00:0014:25:00

pokhara Kathmandu Flight Schedule

PokharaKathmanduYeti AirlinesYT 67208:45:0009:10:00
PokharaKathmanduYeti AirlinesYT 67408:50:0009:15:00
PokharaKathmanduBuddha AirU4 60609:20:0009:50:00
PokharaKathmanduYeti AirlinesYT 67609:50:0010:15:00
PokharaKathmanduBuddha AirU4 61211:00:0011:30:00
PokharaKathmanduYeti AirlinesYT 67811:35:0012:00:00
PokharaKathmanduBuddha AirU4 60813:00:0013:30:00
PokharaKathmanduYeti AirlinesYT 68013:15:0013:40:00
PokharaKathmanduBuddha AirU4 61015:10:0015:40:00
PokharaKathmanduYeti AirlinesYT 68415:35:0016:00:00
PokharaKathmanduYeti AirlinesYT 68616:25:0016:50:00
PokharaKathmanduYeti Airlines68214:55:0015:20:00
PokharaKathmanduBuddha AirU4 60208:30:0009:00:00
PokharaKathmanduBuddha AirU4 61816:10:0016:40:00
PokharaKathmanduTara AirlinesTA 22809:30:0010:00:00
PokharaKathmanduSimrik AirlinesSMA-15210:45:0011:10:00
pokharaKathmanduSimrik AirlinesSMA-15412:45:0013:10:00

Pokhara, also called as a paradise on earth, lies 200 Km west of Kathmandu Valley at an elevation of 827 M above sea level. It embraces the beauty of Nature reflecting the pristine snowy mountainous vistas of Annapurna Range, Dhaulagiri, Manaslu and Machhapuchhre at proximate distance. It holds diversity both naturally and culturally. One can enjoy green lush valley, forest area, flora and fauna, beautiful Phewa Lake, David’s fall, Mahendra Caves and other caves, Rivers, green hills, mountain views and much more including typical villages of Nepal reflecting traditional way of life. The climate and adventurous activities with nature ecstasy (Zip Flyer, Boating, Fishing, Paragliding, etc) lures several tourists including you to visit this beautiful Heaven at Nepal.

Kathmandu Pokhara Flights are a short 25 minutes flight from Kathmandu Airport. You can catch daily Kathmandu Pokhara flights from Morning 8.30 AM to 16.00 PM in the evening.You can take this Kathmanu Pokhara flights making your journey short and comfortable with beauty of Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, Fishtail and Manaslu Range as well as surrounding peaks. Getting Pokhara is time consuming as one decides to travel by road but it gives you amazing experience of rural areas and natures beauty of Nepal on the way. It usually takes 6 hours to get by private vehicle on road and yes it gets little uncomfortable meanwhile so Kathmandu Pokhara Flights are the best alternatives. Yeti Airlines, Tara Airlines, Buddha Air, Simrik Air and Agni air operates these Kathmandu Pokhara flights on regular basis.

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NPR Child

Kathmandu -Pokhara



NPR 4940.00

NPR 3295.00

Pokhara - Kathmadnu



NPR 4940.00

NPR 3295.00

Note :

-          UAD Fair is for Foreign Passport Holders & NPR Fair is for Indian Passport Holders & Nepali  Client only

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-          Child Age Should be below 12 years

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